We deliver professional solutions all around CFD (computational fluid dynamics)

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We are experts in Computational Fluid Mechanics & Dynamics for industrial applications. Committed to developing no-nonsense results we draw on our wide range of experience in both scientific and industrial environments to design fluid dynamics simulations for complex flows:

  • of liquids, gases and particles (mass flow, heat transfer, fluid and particle flow)
  • through pipes, instruments and machines (pressure drop, temperature change, evaporation, condensation, ...)
  • around objects (from integrated circuits to vehicles and buildings, ... )
  • of free surface and mixing phenomena (waves, vortices, stirring tanks, ...)
  • including phase change, heat transfer, chemical reactions, moving geometries and many more advanced topics - if the solution to your simulation need does not exist yet, we will create it!

The combination of cutting edge technology and the versatility of a small team of experts allow us to work cost effectively, fast and customized to each and every case. Our experience and advances in hard- and software make CFD simulations an affordable and effective solution also for small and medium-sized companies. We offer the first consultation for free! Contact us!