We deliver professional solutions all around CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

We are experts in Computational Fluid Mechanics & Dynamics for industrial applications. Committed to developing no-nonsense results we draw on our wide range of experience in both scientific and industrial environments to design fluid dynamics simulations for complex flows. We offer our services globally with customers from North America, Europe and the Far East across a number of industries, from large, international pharmaceutical and electronic companies to small enterprises and private individuals and communities (e.g. for urban heat island planning). We have a special focus on developing unique CFD solutions for simulation problems that are hard to solve practically using standard approaches. For example we simulate (LES) huge complex geometries (mountains, city districts) over areas of more than 25kmĀ², do simulations involving phase changes (condensation, evaporation, freezing, ...) of water and solvents including conjugate heat transfer and radiation (e.g. UHI, headlights, drying processes). Here is a quick list; we simulate:

  • liquids, gases and particles (mass flow, heat transfer, fluid and particle flow)
  • flow through pipes, instruments and machines (pressure drop, temperature change, evaporation, condensation, ...)
  • flow around objects (from integrated circuits to vehicles and buildings, ... )
  • free surface and mixing phenomena (waves, vortices, stirring tanks, ...)
  • including phase change, heat transfer, chemical reactions, moving geometries and many more advanced topics - if the solution to your simulation need does not exist yet, we will create it!

The combination of cutting edge technology and the versatility of a small team of experts allow us to work cost effectively, fast and customized to each and every case. Our experience and advances in hard- and software make CFD simulations an affordable and effective solution also for small and medium-sized companies. We offer the first consultation for free! Contact us!