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Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

In this article we give a high level introduction to CFD, when to use it (and when not) and the typical phases of a CFD simulation project. The article is intended for people who are interesting in knowing the basics about CFD without wanting to run simulations themselves.

Accuracy of CFD Simulations and Taylor-Couette Tutorial

We simulate the classic experiment of Taylor from 1923 and compare experimental results with the prediction of a modern CFD simulation. On the page you also find a short tutorial for steady, laminar flows that you can use to run the simulation yourself.

Validation of air-flow around buildings

We validate our simulation methods using experimental data. See how we fare against wind-tunnel measurements in this summary.

Notes about Open-Source Software in GxP Environments

In highly regulated industries like the pharmaceutical industries rigorous rules are in place to ensure consistent product quality. In this article you find some notes about how simulation in general and open-source software in particular can support the particular challenges in this area.