About Us

Rheologic combines professional project management and the most modern methods in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). We offer our services globally with customers from North America, Europe and Asia across a number of industries, from large, international pharmaceutical and electronic companies to small enterprises and private individuals and communities (e.g. for urban heat island planning). We have a special focus on developing unique CFD solutions for simulation problems that are hard to solve practically using standard approaches. For example we simulate huge complex geometries (mountains, city districts over areas of more than 25km² in high-resolution LES), do simulations involving phase changes (condensation, evaporation, freezing, ...) of water and solvents including conjugate heat transfer and radiation (e.g. UHI, headlights, drying processes), pollutant dispersion in complex geometries and fast smoke/visibility/survivability simulations of fire in enclosed places (tunnels, public-access buildings, ...).

The input of the founders Andras Horvath, MSc. and Markus Luisser, PhD. are the complex and specialised competence in scientific problem solving and years of experience in the field as well as the agility and the pragmatism that is necessary in international industrial environments.

Advances in the development of hard- and software allow us to broadly apply scientific basics for many problems in an economic way:

 Product development
We offer CFD for product development, like simulation of external flows around objects, calculation of pressure drop and distribution of velocities in machines and plants, heat exchange for all temperature ranges and all sizes of geometries and much more...

This approach saves time and money in product development, by reducing work in prototyping. The application of CFD-simulations allows you to produce only the minimum in prototypes and reduces costly experiments.

The optimisations yielded from CFD-simulations are especially cost effective and comparatively fast when avoiding down-time in production or when the experimental or mechanical accessibility is not possible in a complex plant / machine.

 How can you benefit from CFD?
Whenever you deal with flowing gases, fluids and heat transfer and are asking yourself whether there is room for improvement the answer most likely is: yes!

Together we will find the optimal solution!

Open Minds Award
(September 2017)

Open Minds Award - Open DataFor our use of various open data sources and software to simulate and visualize our microclimate simulations we have won the first Austrian Open Minds Award in the Category "Open Data Enterprise"! A big thank you to the organizers, sponsors and members of the jury! Here is the related press release (German).

CAE Poster Award
(September 2016)

mollierSolver poster awardOur poster about phase transitions in CFD was selected for the annual poster award of the 2016 CAE Conference in Parma, Italy. A big thank you to Dr. Jozsef Nagy for the fruitful collaboration. Feel free to download the poster, if you want to have a closer look

To get in contact with us, just send us a note to office_at_rheologic.at!

While we are honing our solver models (condensation of substances) and besides one or two other projects we are working on, we also take the time to get in touch with the industry. On several occasions in the last couple of weeks we were able to talk with interesting enterprises from different industry sectors:

Rheologic was invited by the Federation of Austrian Industries to give an expert talk about the benefits Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can deliver, especially also for smaller and middle sized enterprises. The audience was very inquisitive and we had some interesting converstations afterwards resulting in a number of follow-up meetings about concrete projects later on. On the homepage of the Federation is a report of the evening.

Rheolgic presenting on invitation of the Federation of Austrian Industries.

In addition, Rheologic attended a meeting of more than 200 enterprises on invitation of the Austrian Economic Chamber with lots and lots of stimulating conversations with a number of people from all kinds of backgrounds.

A bit more focussed on technical partners was our visit at the "SMART Automation" and "Intertool" trades shows in Vienna. Amongst others we had very interesting conversations with Schneider Electric, Dustcontrol, Rittal, Reder Technik and many more.