Pharmaceutical Industry

With well-known customers like Baxter, Shire and Octapharma, which invited us to participate in multiple projects already, we could build a excellent reputation in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Typical services we offer in this field revolve around optimizing volume and energy flows in small and medium sized equipment. Especially the smaller dimensions of filling systems for the end user are often a problem to measure using conventional engineering approaches. Using our virtual models and simulations we can assess the smallest spatial features of your plant and test their influence on the production or packaging process. Even parameters like shear stress, mixing quality and similar can easily be assessed. Measuring these experimentally is very time consuming and expensive.

The need for validation also severely limits the amount of options that can be explored in practice. To avoid costs and effort tailored solutions are necessary that are optimized as much as possible before implementing a certain solution. Weather you are in the planning stage or need to solve a problem, our simulations help you to move in the right direction faster. When solving problems you can concentrate on the actually critical aspects instead of wasting time and money on components you suspect of contributing to the problem.

Taylor-Couette flow - upper part: literature example, lower part: simulation (unrelated).

We discuss the simulation approach and time needed to compute your results before we launch into a project so that you can be sure to have the relevant facts on the table before you need to decide on the actual implementation. We usually manage to exceed our customer's expectation about the time needed to deliver - depending on the complexity of the task, first results are often available after only two or three weeks. Knowing that projects with research institutions take often several years until results are ready we deliberately strive for fast answers enabling you to keep up in a dynamic environment. Our experience, access to the fastest and biggest computer clusters in Europe and the fact that we are interested only in solving your problem allows us to deliver highest quality results much faster than usually.

Typical problems we are dealing with are assessment of shear stress, mixing problems and cooling of fast moving equipment. In the project preparation phase we define together with you the core problem and develop step by step solutions in close communication with your engineers. Contact us on office(at)!


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Optimisation of a slurry mixing process for
pharmaceutics production

Example for optimization of mixing vessels.In cooperation with Octapharma, the world's biggest privately owned producer of pharmaceuticals based on human plasma, Rheologic simulates slurry mixing processes.

Starting from a high resolution 3D-Scan of different mixers and tank geometries unsteady multiphase simulations of slurries are performed. Mixer parameters such as build, rotational speed and position inside the tank are optimised to achieve an intensification of the process.