RheologicRemix Downloads

Starting with OpenFOAM-4.1 respectively OpenFOAM-v1612+ you can obtain the RheologicRemix builds for CentOS from our gumroad page!
The links below lead directly to the respective gumroad product page, there click the "I want this!" button and proceed to the checkout. You will immediately be sent to a download page, where you can download the RheologicRemix itself plus a couple of helper files. You will also receive a download link (and your receipt) via email. The download link will stay active and you can download as often as you want. Our solver for phase change calculations is not included in the download.

If you are interested in installation support or in compiling special versions of OpenFOAM® (e.g. SOWFA) or other operating systems, contact us under: remix@rheologic.at. We do not use docker images, but compile natively for the respective operating system to optimize flexibility and performance especially when running parallel and on (virtual) clusters.

Rheologic offers binaries of a popular open source CFD package for download (also for officially unsupported operating systems) under the name of RheologicRemix. All packages include, unless otherwise noted, Paraview and tight integration of SGE for the OpenMPI libraries and are binary-compatible with OpenFOAM (OPENFOAM® is a registered trade mark of OpenCFD Limited with whom we are not affiliated). The installation runs in $HOME with standard user-rights. The packages for CentOS are compatible with the corresponding versions of RHEL and Scientific Linux. A demonstration with some videos can be found on our page about OpenFOAM ports.

Apart from the support for officially unsupported platforms, our RheologicRemixes also simplify the installation on all platforms - like for example Ubuntu. Our binaries already include often-used libraries and programs like OpenMPI and work therefore independent of any deviating requirements of the operating system (like different library versions for example). In addition there are no root rights required for installation.

On a separate page you find installation instructions for the RheologicRemix.

Support & Disclaimer

For support and feedback concerning RheologicRemix please contact: remix@rheologic.at

The source code of ofgpu v1.0 is provided by Symscape.

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This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks. OPENFOAM® is a registered trade mark of OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software.

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