Large Eddy Simulation

LES is a method for simulating complex flows with spatial and temporal resolution, where all time-scales are simulated and spatial resolution is filtered. The filter width is usually a function of grid point spacing or derived distances. By applying fewer model assumptions many flow phenomena, that are inaccessible otherwise, can be simulated in detail. LES is a computationally intensive method that is inherently unsteady.

The following video shows the results from a LES simulation. Gaseous fuel (Methane) and air are mixed in a highly swirling burner. The iso surface has a gas concentration of 5% (v/v) and is coloured by velocity magnitude. The used turbulence model is LES Smagorinsky. The mesh is purely hexaedral and contains 4.7 million finite volume cells.

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Comparison of unsteady simulation between CPU and GPU: