RheologicRemixes - porting OpenFOAM to arbitrary platforms

Apart from our work on solver development, we are also offering our RheologicRemixes for free as a service to the community (see our RheologicRemix download page).

Compiling OpenFOAM for different Platforms can be a daunting task and requires a lot of know-how in order to be able to tweak the makefiles just right to get things working. We did this hard work for you, so you can just head over to the download page and grab what you need. Just to show off a bit what we can do, you can see our port to Android below. While not (yet) being a serious use case, it shows what is possible these days and who knows, with the ever increasing performance of mobile platforms, one day it might become viable. It is certainly a point in case for the often quoted "democratization of CFD", that is: the increase of the number of engineers that can and do employ CFD simulations in their daily work.

RheologicRemix ARMv7l

Our port to ARMv7l is also used in scientific contexts. For example at the Department of Computing and Information Science (College of Engineering) of the Kansas State University. With the help of our binaries this Master Thesis about "Distributed Computing" (pdf) was published there.

Our RheologicRemix for ARMv7l runs out-of-the-box on RaspberryPi, Odroid, Cubietruck, BananaPi, ... and on the Ubuntu Phone (BQ Aquaris E4.5):


Thanks for the test environments to MK und CJ!

POC :: running OpenFOAM on a mobile phone

Travis Carrigan published a nice write-up titled "Would you care for some CFD with that Pi?" of his tests with our RheologicRemix for the Raspberry Pi.

Unknowingly he handed us a challenge - in his blog entry he says:
[...] compiling something like OpenFOAM for an iPhone or an Android sounded too daunting to even consider.

Challenge accepted :)

Below you find our proof-of-concept video, showing the damBreak tutorial running on a Galaxy Nexus under Android. If you want to give it a try, help yourself to the image-file linked below and let us know how it goes.


Download video


Download an experimental image (468 MB) with complete toolchain (compiler, linker, libraries) to compile and run everything on your device. Please note, that the image is hardware dependent and will not run on all android devices - YMMV.

SHA256 of RheologicRemix-2.3.0-android-debi.img.bz2: 6c115b152045f4d8301575c0452201897223155cffba559ba9d6d4cdebea371f

Kudos to Guardianproject's Lil'Debi !