Smoke Extraction Simulation

With ffire our fast fire simulation we are adding another powerful tool to design fire resistant environments. However in large complex buildings dispersal of smoke and noxious gases becomes as important for survivability (and thus engineering) as the fire itself.

To ensure that our fire simulations are an accurate representation of reality we validated ffire with the classic Steckler room experiment. However this only captures buoyancy influence on gas flow, not forced ventilation using smoke ventilation fans and similar venting systems.

To tackle the latter we did a study using smoke ventilation vans. In the video below we compare one of our smoke extraction simulations (sans buoyancy effects) with experimental measurements from the scientific literature - an excellent fit! See for yourself.


Download video: Full HD - 1080p | HD Ready - 720p

If you want to make sure that your design of public access building, subway tunnel system, parking garage, etc. is sound and safe yet without excessive cost for ventilation, contact us!