Clean Room Ventilation Simulation
Know before you go! We simulate your clean room to help you build a work environment that just works. Ventilation flow, temperature, pollutant dispersal and even moisture.

We have extensive experience in the fluid dynamic design of clean rooms with exacting requirements in various industries. We optimize cooling concepts of server rooms and sensitive electronic equipment, ensure that pathogens and pollutants stay where they are supposed to in laboratories and pharmceutical clean rooms and ensure that (backup-) cooling concepts are able to operate within critical temperature ranges.

Simulations include high-fidelity flow effects like buouancy, mechanically forced flow including directional flow through grilles, lattices and similar structures, heat transfer effects, optionally evaporation / condensation including full thermodynamic heating / colling effects and of course tracer and pollutant dispersal. The results can be shown in a number of different metrics, following international norms like DIN EN ISO 14644 and US FED STD 209E. Depending on your requirements we can calculate with different particles sizes and micro-biological contaminations to cover the required ISO classification.

  • Full ventilation air flow in best/worst case scenarios. Including variants with open doors / windows.
  • Temperature distribution of air and surfaces. We routinely include 100+ individual heat sources, from electrical equipment to operators breathing out warm air.
  • Full support for buoyancy effects of warm / hot air in addition to mechanically forced air flow.
  • Moisture condensation and evaporation can be fully resolved including heat transfer to / from surfaces. Full spatial resolution of relative humidity possible.
  • Fully integrated pollutant dispersial from arbitrary sources. Assessment of size/density-dependent particle settlement possible.
  • Volumetric 3D rendering of tracer / pollutant dispersal.
  • Interactive 3D models to facilitate planning processes of multi-disciplinary teams.

We worked on clean rooms from banking, to the pharmaceutical industry to computing to electronics manufacturing. Our models have been validated in post-implementation experiments to be exact within the measurement possibilities of modern sensors. We are confident that we can offer a balanced cost / benefit also for you! Let us know about your particular case!

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