Architectural Wind Simulation
Wind architecture from human comfort to structural load calculation for open and semi-enclosed spaces. Private and commercial projects in all settings, including exposed locations, such as terraces and high-rise buildings.

If your project requires special consideration of wind and wind comfort, we can support you with targeted simulations. Our service for architectural wind analytics includes simulation and wind engineering support for all architectural projects involving wind in some way. We specialize in high-rise buildings, exposed locations, windy areas and high terraces, but can support you in the case of essentially all (commercial) real estate that includes accessible outdoor areas.

Additionally, we offer simulations for ground level structures such as esplanades, outdoor dining areas, arcade shopping and similar venues, as well as semi-enclosed spaces such as sport stadiums, which are partly exposed to wind and weather. We can help you design spaces that feel just right, are free of hazardous wind conditions and safe and comfortable for customers and the public.

Our simulations feature:

  • Wind and wind comfort, including the influence of surrounding buildings and terrain
  • 16 or 32 wind directions, using at least 10 years of historical wind data for the location
  • Wind comfort around the year and a detailed view on seasons with outside use
  • Variable shading installations, solar radiation and reflected radiation
  • Optional inclusion of wind-driven rain
  • Optional inclusion of odor dispersion, e.g. from kitchen ventilation
  • Optional inclusion of wind gusts to assess peak wind values

We can also analyze wind-driven rain impact areas for partly roofed spaces, and include thin structures such as sun shading in our calculations.

When designing open spaces, location and look are not everything. With our help, it is easy to also get the feel right. Commercial real estate with open spaces never fails to profit from wind comfort analysis - it will enable you to design spaces that can be used without restriction all year round, that feel comfortable and invite to linger.

Design a shady meadow with a cool breeze, instead of another unpleasant heat island in a desert of concrete.

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