Pedestrian Wind Comfort for Open Places
Wind comfort is a crucial factor for proper zoning in projects that involve open - especially public-access - places. Bicycle lanes, waiting areas for public transport, entrances to buildings, train stations, subways etc. might need additional construction in order to prevent dangerous wind or usage restrictions.

We provide essential pedestrian wind comfort information of open spaces. Wind comfort criteria are defined following the modern standard definition according to NEN 8100 with additional categorization according to your needs. Our analysis is based on long-term1 statistical wind data for your location including individual Weibull2 wind velocities for 16 or 32 wind directions.

We fully support terrain including steep areas like cliffs, roughness zoning and also all wind related effects from trees, hedges and similar wind obstacles. Also thin structurs like shading, awnings and openings (e.g. thoroughfares) are fully supported.

What you get:

  • NEN8100 wind comfort for 16 or 32 distinct wind directions
  • Wind comfort 1.5m above terrain following any slope
  • Wind comfort for elevated structure like terraces, balconies, etc.
  • Overlapping areas supported e.g. under and above a roofed structure
  • Simulation directly from the architectural model without remodelling

  • High performance computing usually completed overnight
  • High-fidelity simulation supporting accurate architecture models
  • 3D results, via RheoView3 or for importing into your software

In short, we support your project with highly accurate, state-of-the-art wind comfort simulation, fast, hassle free, using international standards and competitive pricing. Use the form below to get in contact or try our cost estimator to get a first quote for your project!

  1. Usually we work with hourly data over a period of 10 years for the specific location to factor the actual meteorological conditions into our analysis. 

  2. State of the art statistics for calculating expected wind velocities for a given wind direction. 

  3. RheoView is our 3D viewer for simulation results. Great for discussions with the design team and included for free with any order. 

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