CFD Optimization of Mixing Tanks
We base our work on validated models and cutting-edge computing instead of the more or less byzantine rules-of-thumb that we often see in practice.

From our humble beginnings with experimental validation work of measuring the time-dependent conductivity of dissolving salt particles we came a long way to our current, tried and tested simulation models.

We can work with arbitrarily shaped tanks and stirrers, temperatures, densitities, dissolving substances, heating, cooling and much more! Especially in industries, where tests with actual formulations can be prohibitively expensive while regulatory requirements are high, we can take a lot of uncertainty out of the engineering process with our simulations and help you to work on true industry 4.0 level.

  • Liquid / liquid mixing and liquid / solid mixing with various properties (density, viscosity, ...).
  • Support of batch processes, like discontinuous addition of bulk reagents.
  • Heating and cooling.
  • Shear stress evaluation for senstive liquids. We can also evaluated accumulated shear stress.
  • Newtonian and non-newtonian liquids.

Whether you are upgrading your production or just replacing that old impeller that is not produced anymore, we can tell you how to stay below your shear stress limit and within your mixing time!

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