Urban Microclimate Simulation
Our microclimate simulations include evaporative cooling from green architecture, shading, solar radiation and felt temperatures directly from the architectural design using international norms and standards. Highly accurate, fast and comfortable.

Green architecture and climate resilience are becoming more and more the standard for building projects. We make it easy to find out how your design performs. Our simulations include evaporative cooling effects, humidity, solar radiation, highly accurate wind flow and international standards for assessing the results - all directly from the design model. We can deliver results in 3D, for importing back into your design model or using our own free viewer software.

What you get:

  • Felt temperature including temperature, humidity, solar radiation and wind according to Australian standards(some more details)

  • Real, statistical hot day conditions at the actual location, instead of artificial definitions

  • Highly accurate design, directly from the architecture models, including slanted roofs, walls, shading, curves, openings etc. down to an accuracy of tens of centimeters

  • Full support for terrain including hills, cliffs etc. - the assessment is following the terrain instead of using artificial horizontal planes

  • Our simulation includes spring and fall days from historical climate data at the location in addition to summer days

  • Receive results in 3D, either for importing into your design software or using our included 3D cloud viewer

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