Phase Change, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Fast Fire Simulation and Other Special Topics
Here is a short overview of some custom solvers that we created over the years. Dive in and let us know if your situation involves these or similar topics - we can probably work something out.

Phase changes

Evaporation and condensation are important in a plethora of technical processes - from fogging windshields, over drying processes, clean rooms to sensors, medical devices and photolitography. Our custom solver has it all covered - with full support of conjugate heat transfer effects! We literaly can calculate the amount of energy that flows between your condensing breath on the surface of a mirror and the mirror itself when it is fogging up.

Wheter condensation/evaporation is desired in your application like for example in drying processes or needs to be prevented like for optical glass or your process involves even freezing / melting or de-/sublimation, we are happy to deal with it and can calculate all heat flows between solids, gases and all surfaces in the simulation. Our solver is not restricted to water either, we can also work with solvents and any other substances, as long as a phase diagram is available.

Read more about these type of simulations in our article about phase change simulation.

Fire simulation

Our fast fire solver ffire is accurate enough to pass the Steckler Room test but 2 orders of magnitude faster than the most commonly used solvers out there. That makes it an excellent tool for engineering prediction simulations, e.g. for ventilation planning. In most cases the solver will produce results overnight. We fully support buouancy and can include custom time dependent fires. The solver is complemented by our rendering know how to visualize survivability and visibility.

Software services for and around CFD

Not only do we create custom solvers, we also happy to work with you on visualizations and even custom data formats since we do have ample experience in both from various customer projects over the years. Not sure if we can do something for your particular issue? Just ask - we’ll let you know asap!

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