Positioning of wind turbines for maximum efficiency
While the positions of wind turbines has a lot of influencing factors, from the regulatory to investment cost considerations, there is also the issue of their perfomance especially also in repowering projects.

In our wind power simulations we use a number of different simulation approaches, from fast k-epsilon simulations up to full fledged, large scale LES, optionally including synthetic inlet gusts.

Apart from greenfield installations, we are happy to cover repowering situations including wake effects. We are equally happy to work with alternative and small-scale wind turbines, in fact, one of our specialities is to work with turbines in complex flow situtations, like on and between buildings, in the vicinity of trees and so on.

  • We support massive, large scale (several square km) LES simulation with high resolutions (down to below 0.5 meters).
  • Full terrain support also in challenging positions, like on cliffs and in mountainous areas.
  • Wake interaction effects included via different models.
  • Vegetation can be simulated fully resolved (not only as roughness value) and we can differentiated between winter / summer foliage in climate regions where this applies.
  • Wake turbulence effect range to assess ecological influence on e.g. migratory bird and bat flying routes.

Have a more detailed look at our work in our articles about resolved LES wind turbine simulation and wind park site assessment calculations.

In addition to local wind turbine placement, we also do more general assessments over larger areas (hundreds of square kilometers) where we look at historic wind data, terrain parameters and the turbine type you have in mind, to give you an estimated of the expected performance. We also include the variability of the wind as an important factor, since a number of locations see longer periods without wind in certain months.

Whatever your particular case looks like - if you are interested to know more about the placement of your turbine(s), drop us a couple of lines! We’ll get back to you right away!

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