Visualizations for Architecture Competitions
Architecture competitions are demanding and it is an asset to go beyond the design to show off one's work. We are happy to cover microclimate and wind for you, with our eye-catching visuals.

Our work is quick and robust enough to also deliver stunning visuals within the time constraints of architectural competitions. You can get the visualizations as fully editable 3D models, so that you can render in your preferred style.

We can fully include terrain, trees, bushes and other landscaping elements already for design studies. Microclimate is possible (to show off the effect of green design elements) in addition to wind effects.

What you get:

  • 3D flow visualizations, either rendered or as editable models
  • Elegant streamline wind visualizations
  • Wind vector arrows as full 3D models, colored by wind velocity

Depending on the type of the competition we particpate on our own risk and / or under a fair-share agreement of (winner) compensation. If you are in doubt what this means in your particular case, just ask! If we like your project, we might just do it!

We are happy to keep things strictly confidential as long as necessary - and are routinely signing NDAs where they are required - and will show the work as part of our portfolien when confidentiality restrictions don’t apply any more. Naturally we are equally happy to link back to your work with full credits for the design.

For competitions it is essential that you stick to our model preparation guide so that we can deliver your visualizations without delay.

For an additional example take a look at this competition visualization involving wind flow through a structural steel lattice.

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