Export blender objects as separate STL files

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Last modified: September 2022

Missing. Hello? Anybody home?

Good news everyone! Our blender add-on for multi-STL export is back! We have updated the add-on and bumped it to blender version 3.0.0 - it should be fine for a couple of versions. The add-on allows you to export every selected object in a blend file to a separate STL file. This is handy for example to export various parts of a landscape and architecture design to STL meshes to use in a simulation.

The add-on also helps if you have multiple objects in a single blend file, which have a relation to each other, but which you want to - for example - 3D print separately from a number of individual STL meshes.

Since we removed the obsolete older version of our add-on, we have had a number of people asking about it and - due to popular demand - we have updated the add-on to the current blender main version - just download via the link below and install it as you would any other blender add-on. After installation, you will find it under File > Import-Export > Rheo STL.

Installation and Usage

After downloading the zip file, open blender and navigate to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons, select Install, navigate to where you stored the downloaded zip file, select it and click the Install Add-on button. Back in the preferences tab, click the check mark to activate the add-on. Depending on your blender version, you might get a compatibility warning, which you can usually ignore. If the plugin is not working as described below, let us know and we’ll fix it.

On Windows computers, we have encountered the situation that the add-on is not displayed from within blender when it is stored in the browser’s download folder. If you cannot find the downloaded zip from within blender, try to move the zip file to a different directory.

To use the add-on, simply select all objects that you want to export and navigate to File > Export > Rheo stl. Select a destination folder and all selected objects will be saved as individual stl files. Optionally, you can enter a string in the filename field of the export dialog. This string will be prefixed to all the object names, so that you can easily export different versions of your stl files.